'solid 1. adjective
1) (not easily changing shape; not in the form of liquid or gas: Water becomes solid when it freezes; solid substances.) fast, i fast form
2) (not hollow: The tyres of the earliest cars were solid.) massiv
3) (firm and strongly made (and therefore sound and reliable): That's a solid piece of furniture; His argument is based on good solid facts/reasoning.) solid
4) (completely made of one substance: This bracelet is made of solid gold; We dug till we reached solid rock.) massiv, gedigen
5) (without breaks, gaps or flaws: The policemen formed themselves into a solid line; They are solid in their determination to strike.) ubrutt, sammenhengende, fast
6) (having height, breadth and width: A cube is a solid figure.) tett, kompakt
7) (consecutive; without a pause: I've been working for six solid hours.) stive, i hele
2. adverb
(without interruption; continuously: She was working for six hours solid.) sammenhengende, ubrutt
3. noun
1) (a substance that is solid: Butter is a solid but milk is a liquid.) fast stoff
2) (a shape that has length, breadth and height.) fast legeme
- solidify
- solidification
- solidity
- solidness
- solidly
- solid fuel
subst. \/ˈsɒlɪd\/
1) (fysikk) fast legeme\/stoff
2) (geometri) solid\/tredimensjonal figur, legeme
3) massiv mur
solids faste emner\/bestanddeler, tørrstoff fast føde
adj. \/ˈsɒlɪd\/
1) fast, i fast form (også overført)
it had become solid
den hadde antatt fast form
2) massiv, solid, gedigen
3) bastant, stødig, sterk, kraftig, skikkelig
I need a solid meal
jeg trenger et skikkelig måltid
he is a man of solid build
han er en kraftig bygd mann
4) velfundert, pålitelig, holdbar, sikker, solid, solvent (om firma)
he is a solid man
han er en pålitelig mann
5) enstemmig, enig
6) (også om tid, dager e.l.) ubrutt, sammenhengende , hel, kontinuerlig
they were at it for two solid hours \/ two hours solid
de holdt på med det i to timer i strekk \/ i to hele timer
a solid row of buildings
en sammenhengende rekke med bygninger
7) kubikk- (foreldet), rom-, tredimensjonal
a solid foot of snow
en kubikkfot snø
8) alvorlig, grundig, ordentlig
I should do a bit of solid reading
jeg bør lese noe ordentlig
9) tett, kompakt, massiv, solid
10) (amer., slang) strålende, glimrende, topp-
it's a solid dance band
det er et glimrende danseband
11) fullkommen, fullstendig
12) (om farger) ensfarget
be solid for \/ in favour of støtte enstemmig\/helt og fullt, være enig om
booked solid fullbooket
do a solid piece of work gjøre et realt stykke arbeid
frozen solid gjennomfrosset, bunnfrosset
get\/be (in) solid with komme\/stå på god fot med
packed solid fullstappet
rock solid fjellstø, bunnsolid
solid arguments vektige argumenter, tungtveiende argumenter
solid bodies faste legemer
solid chocolate ren sjokolade
solid compound (språkvitenskap) sammensatt ord som skrives i ett
'airline' is a solid compound
solid content(s) kubikkinnhold, fastmasse
solid core of something den faste kjernen i noe
solid flesh rent kjøtt
solid fog tykk tåke
solid food fast føde
solid geometry romgeometri, stereometri
solid gold rent gull
solid ground fast grunn
solid line heltrukket linje
solid majority klart flertall
solid matter tørrstoff (typografi) kompress (sats)
solid measure kubikkmål
a solid problem et alvorlig problem
the Solid South (i USA) det trofaste sør (som tradisjonelt støtter det demokratiske partiet)
solid state fast tilstand
a solid suit (kortspill) en god hånd
a solid tyre slangeløst dekk
adv. \/ˈsɒlɪd\/
vote solid eller go solid stemme enstemmig

English-Norwegian dictionary. 2013.


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